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iciHaiti – Social : «My voice, equality for our future»


iciHaiti – Social : «My voice, equality for our future»

15/10/2020 11:53:33

On the occasion of the International Day of the Girl, celebrated on October 11, 2020 around the theme “My voice, equality for our future”, the organization KRI FANM AYITI (KRIFA) draws attention to the issues related to the equality between boys and girls.

“Girls’ rights” is one of the least discussed topics in Haitian society. Yet, they represent one of the categories whose rights are the most violated and violated.

Exposed to sexual, physical and physiological violence, girls are often reduced to domestic service with a parent and have difficulty completing their education. This situation increases the risk of early and unwanted pregnancy and worsens the conditions of unmarried mothers. KRIFA deplores that the Haitian State at a time when there are many cases of pregnancy in Jérémie and across the country since the reopening of classes last August has done nothing to protect our girls. The precariousness and misery in which the parents and their children live are not favorable to the emancipation of the girl.

KRIFA asks the authorities concerned to take all measures to combat the scourges such as human trafficking and child prostitution which endanger the future of our daughters. In fact, the equality of men and women of tomorrow depends on the actions we take today to realize the rights of girls. It is therefore in this sense that KRIFA, through these various activities and projects, continues to take actions to ensure the rights of Haitian women and girls prevail. This year again, she is motivated more than ever in the pursuit of this mission and takes the opportunity to invite the various actors of Haitian society to take part in the fight for respect for the rights of girls.

The arrival of the Covid-19 in Haiti has allowed us all to see our weakness in the face of changes in nature. Although the slaughter planned by the Haitian authorities has been deflected, that does not rule out the fact that many of our girls are still victims mainly because of the closure of schools. So once again, their right to education has been put to the test. Therefore, it becomes more than imperative to continue to lay stones so that the rights of girls are finally part of the daily debates and that actions continue to be taken in order to bring better results.

KRIFA renews once again its commitment to the fight for the respect of the rights of women and girls. KRIFA, for the Well-being of Women and Girls.

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