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iciHaiti – Social : Mural frescoes, the dead celebrate


iciHaiti – Social : Mural frescoes, the dead celebrate

04/11/2020 09:18:01

As part of pilot projects implemented by the National Commission for Disarmament, Dismantling and Reintegration, around twenty painters from various neighborhoods of the 3rd district of Port-au-Prince, took action on the occasion of the feast of the dead, to create several wall frescoes in Alerte alley and Monseigneur Guilloux street.

The artists mobilized come from the neighborhood of Village de Dieu, 2e Avenue and Martissant. Among them, we must cite Papouche Romulus, Thomson Fresidor, Robergeau Juin, Fenel Dorsainvil, Frandy Beauvil, Patrick Laurent, Bressica and Shaddy.

Through these artistic creations, these painters want to express with passion their respect for these dead who remained alive in the Haitian collective imagination.

These projects, which will run from October 2020 to March 2021, benefit from the support of the Prime Minister’s office through a team recently created for this purpose.

In total, 28 cemeteries spread over the whole of the national territory are affected by these projects according to the wishes of the CNDDR commissioners who have mobilized to celebrate the lives of our dead through cleaning, embellishment, rites and symbolic rituals.

The cemeteries activity will continue throughout the month of November.

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