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iciHaiti – Rumor : Denial of the PNH


iciHaiti – Rumor : Denial of the PNH

07/10/2020 11:24:37

The Press Coordination and Relations of the National Police of Haiti (PNH) formally denies the rumors suggesting that PNH agents were involved in the death of citizen Vilson René.

The Coordination clarifies the facts “According to the testimonies of relatives of the victim including his mother, Mrs. Marie Claudelle Miciale, it turns out that the citizen Vilson René, (25 years old), is not a student of the University of State of Haiti but a taxi driver involved in a traffic accident in Paloma (commune of Carrefour).

Seriously injured Mr. René was rushed to Medecin Sans Frontières hospital. Due to certain complications he was subsequently transferred to the hospital of the State University of Haiti where he was clinically dead. Unfortunately ill-intentioned individuals recovered the corpse and used it to create public disorder.

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