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iciHaiti – Obituary : A young legend of the visual arts has left us


iciHaiti – Obituary : A young legend of the visual arts has left us

29/11/2020 09:22:55

In a note, Pradel Henriquez, Minister of Culture, says he is deeply saddened by the sudden and premature departure of a young legend of the visual arts Sébastien Jean https://www.icihaiti.com/en/news-32378-icihaiti-obituary-tragic-death-of-plastic-artist-sebastien-jean.html

“[…] Often, it is difficult to find the exact words as it is the pain, the shock and the desolation that speak …

Both painter and self-taught sculptor, Sébastien Jean had an imagination […] One was seen in him an exceptional artist […]

[…] At the age of 13, he started making handicrafts, engravings, modeling, he began to draw and paint on bamboo stalks.

In 2001, he took a step forward and entered contemporary art by starting to produce his works with recovered materials.

Sébastien Jean has participated in major international exhibitions, mainly at ‘Caribbean Vibrations’, at the Montparnasse museum (November 2010); at the group exhibition ‘Haiti Kingdom of this World’ (Paris, April 2011) and also exhibited at the 54th Venice and Miami Biennale…

Minister Henriquez remains in awe of this confirmed talent which has brought honor to contemporary art here.

It was a whole passion that collapsed with the untimely death of Sébastien Jean.

Sympathies to his family, his friends, the circle of artists, artisans and art and cultural professionals who are touched by this immense and cruel death.

Good trip to you, Sébastien Jean…

Pradel Henriquez


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