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iciHaiti – Humanitarian : Agreement to grant 8,800 tonnes of rice between Taiwan and Food For The Poor


iciHaiti – Humanitarian : Agreement to grant 8,800 tonnes of rice between Taiwan and Food For The Poor

08/01/2021 10:19:51

On January 6, a memorandum of understanding for a donation of 8,800 metric tonnes of rice was signed between Food For The Poor and Taiwan (Republic of China).

“The history of the partnership between The Republic of China Taiwan and Food For The Poor is now entering its 14th year. Together we are writing this page of history,” declared Mgr Ogé Beauvoir Executive Director of Food For The Poor in his remarks adding “History will remember the generosity of the people and the Taiwanese Government towards the Haitian people.”

For his part, Taiwanese Ambassador Wen-jiann Ku pledged to continue to deepen the partnership between Food For The Poor, the Haitian people and the Taiwanese government. “This donation from the Taiwanese government is a response to the alarm bells launched by international actors for the Haitian people. We know that this contribution is far from being able to satisfy all the socio-political problems of the country but with Food Food For The Poor we will be able to help many families to overcome this very difficult present.”

Learn more about Food For The Poor :

Food For The Poor is a Christian charitable institution that has been helping the poorest in Haiti for 34 years already. Through a reliable network, Food For The Poor receives goods from donors abroad which are then distributed through churches, peristils, hospitals and health centers, schools, orphanages, prisons, community organizations and associations in order to reach the most vulnerable sections of the country.

Food For The Poor has set up an inspection service which conducts field visits and verifies the use made by the beneficiaries of the products received free of charge; a way of preserving in particular the integrity of the institution as well as establishing a bond of trust with its donors.

Donations received from Food For The Poor should not be sold under any circumstances. The institution will remove from its list any beneficiary who violates this rule and will go so far as to bring him to justice.

Food For The Poor is there to serve the poorest of God’s children, without distinction. The institution works to pursue its mission, under the aegis of established principles, with dignity and love.

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