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iciHaiti – Economy : Ultimatum from the Ministry of Commerce


iciHaiti – Economy : Ultimatum from the Ministry of Commerce

02/09/2020 11:41:18

Jonas Coffy the Minister of Commerce and Industry in his press release #4 dated August 31, issues a 72 hour ultimatum and threatens recalcitrant traders who continue to denominate on the national territory, the prices of their goods and services in dollars Americans instead of the Gourde among other offenses.

Minister Coffy’s ultimatum :

“The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MCI) has taken note of the fact that despite its previous interventions – in particular through its press release 003 – reminding all those who exercise a trade or carry out financial transactions on the Haitian national territory the obligation which is made to them, in accordance with the Decree of September 19, 2018, to denominate and display the prices of goods and services in Gourdes, some of the above-mentioned actors refuse to comply.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry further notes that recalcitrants, ignoring the law and regulations in force, also refuse :

a) Display, in legible characters, the prices of products for sale in their commercial enterprises or the other;

b) To respect scrupulously, in their foreign exchange transactions, the daily reference rate set by the Bank of the Republic of Haiti (BRH);

c) To cease establishing exorbitant profit margins in advance by calculating possible price increases in their next orders, which unjustified margins are not set on the basis of the cost price of the goods sold.

Foreseeing the disastrous consequences that non-compliance with these legal requirements may have on the socio-economic situation of the country, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry grants a period of 72 (seventy-two) hours to violators to comply, under penalty of penalties provided for by the laws and regulations in force.”

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