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iciHaiti – Digicel : 3 new schools built and new projects


iciHaiti – Digicel : 3 new schools built and new projects

22/09/2020 11:38:44

The Digicel Foundation continues its Construction Program with the completion of three new schools, several renovations and the launch of new projects.

The Foundation inaugurated its 180th construction project in the Center department. This is the extension of L’École Mixte Sainte Claire de Saut d’Eau that it had built in 2007 and the renovation of the old building, which was equipped at the time with 6 classrooms and added 3 classroom, a kitchen, a sanitary block and a computer room.

In addition, the Foundation finalized two other school construction projects : the Notre Dame de Pernier School located in Aux Cadets (West Dept.) and the La Ruche Community School which serves the Lascahobas area (Dept. Of the Center).

At the same time, the Digicel Foundation carried out the renovations on five buildings, some of which were built before 2010 and others affected by the passage of Hurricane Matthew. For this fiscal year, three other construction projects have started. This is the Joly Garden School, which is moving from a modular structure to a permanent structure. The second project is the entire construction of the École Presbytérale de Poirier located in the 5th section of Bocozelle in Saint Marc, which will benefit from a fully equipped establishment comprising 9 classrooms, a sanitary block, an administrative block and a reservoir. The latest project is the construction of the National School of Camp Coq in the North which has a building dating from the 20th century and some recent rooms that will be completely renovated.

Let’s recall that the Digicel Foundation guarantees to date adequate establishments for more than 60,000 students.

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