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iciHaiti – Death : Words of sympathy from the Minister of the Interior


iciHaiti – Death : Words of sympathy from the Minister of the Interior

28/09/2020 16:46:25

The Minister of the Interior Audain Fils Bernadel learned with amazement and emotion the sad news of the death of Mr. Ribert Normil in his private residence in the commune of Kenscoff https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-31899-haiti-flash-probable-assassination-of-the-father-of-rameau-normil-dg-of-the-pnh.html , the Minister is all the more dismayed as the circumstances surrounding the death of Mr. Normil are at the very least tragic and disturbing .

Also, all light must be shed on this suspicious death in order to restore peace and serenity to the family hard hit by this loss.

In these painful circumstances, the Minister of the Interior and Territorial Collectivities, joins the members of the Government and in particular of the Superior Council of the National Police, to express his sincere condolences to all the grieving Normil family. The Minister’s sympathies also extend to the relatives, friends and admirers of the late Ribert Normill. Finally, the Minister expresses his solidarity and renews his great esteem for the family distressed by this brutal and unexpected departure for the beyond, which will leave a great void in their daily lives.

Read also on the probable homicide of Ribert Normil : https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-31899-haiti-flash-probable-assassination-of-the-father-of-rameau-normil-dg-of-the-pnh.html

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