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iciHaiti – Culture : Programming of activities in prelude to the Quatre Chemins Festival


iciHaiti – Culture : Programming of activities in prelude to the Quatre Chemins Festival

09/11/2020 10:39:31

The 17th edition of the Quatre Chemins Festival will be held this year from November 23 to December 5, 2020 in Port-au-Prince.

While awaiting the official launch, the festival is offering a series of activities that kicked off with live performances on October 20.

Screenings, conferences, exhibition, readings, the public is invited again this week to these face-to-face activities which herald a very unique edition of the festival taking place around the number 12.

Program, activities in Prelude to the Festival :

Conferences :

“Lovers of Port-au-Prince” In collaboration with UrbAyiti. In the company of town planners, architects and demographers, invite the general public to question the city. See all the issues from an urban and social point of view. Questioning the city, 10 years after the January 12 earthquake

Monday, November 9 :

“Daily urban planning”, with Addly Celestin (Architect-Urban planner)

National Book Directorate (DNL) | 4h00 p.m.

Tuesday November 10 :

“Earthquake and Trauma”, with Jeff Matherson Cardichon (PhD in Psychology)

National Book Directorate (DNL) | 4h00 p.m.

Readings :

Series of French-Canadian readings produced to translate the cross-border idea, sharing between peoples.

Wednesday November 4 :/I>

MILF, by Marjolaine Beauchamps, by Anyès Noël

National Book Directorate (DNL) | 5h00 p.m.

Thursday, November 5 :

Johnny by Emma Haché, by Zuma Lavertu

Gingerbread Restaurant 4h00 p.m.

Tuesday November 10 :

A quay between two worlds, by Alain Doom, by Jenny Cadet

National Book Directorate (DNL) | 5:00 p.m

Wednesday November 11 :

Murs, by Mishka Lavigne, with Yvenie Paul

Gingerbread Restaurant 4h00 p.m.

Tuesday November 17 :

ReARVIEW, by Gilles Poulin-Denis, by Daphné Menard

Gingerbread Restaurant 4h00 p.m.

Poetry café :

For several years, Quatre Chemins has introduced a very well-made activity called café-poésie. These are real cultural encounters made up of exchanges, debates, conferences around theater and visual arts, and especially poetry. This year, the poetry cafes called “Lovers of Port-au-Prince” will be hosted by Rolando Etienne and Bonel Auguste.

Friday November 6 :

“Port-au-Prince : between artistic life and political commitment”, with Darline Alexis and Lyonel Trouillot, followed by a musical time with Wooly Saint-Louis Jean.

Gingerbread Restaurant by reservation 5:00 p.m.

Saturday November 7 :

“What look on Port-au-Prince the day after January 12, 2010 ?”, With Dr Georges Eddy Lucien, musical time with Herby François

Gingerbread Restaurant | 5h00 p.m.

Monday, November 16 :

“Ballad in Port-au-Prince during the 70s / 80s”, with Marc Exavier

and Guy Gérald Ménard

Gingerbread Restaurant | 5h00 p.m.

Show :

Friday 13 and Saturday 14 November :

“Pèlen-tèt” duration 1h00

Directed by Staloff Tropfort (Theater / Haiti), Interpretation: Kenny Laguerre, Edmond Erthon and Stevenson Saintiné. Adaptation and direction: Staloff Tropfort Light creation: Jean Ronald Pierre

Summary :/I>

A basement in New York. Two Haitian fellow citizens. An unlikely duo. The intellectual and the illiterate. The political activist forced to flee to save his own skin and the relentless worker who has only ambition for his little life, his little family. These two men sharing this cavernous space talk about Haiti, their respective lives and their dreams. Pèlen-Tèt traces the journey of two men from two different backgrounds, rural and urban; but also of an era, that of the Duvaliers dictatorship. The urgency to exist, the homesickness and the frustration of the exiles. In this basement, Polidò (the intellectual) and Pyram (the worker) are doomed to support each other. Polidò, tormented by the demons of the dictatorship, drowns in his books and thoughts while Pyram, crushed by his frustrations, endlessly rehashes the memories of Haiti.

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