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iciHaiti – ALERT : UNICEF warning against attempted scam


iciHaiti – ALERT : UNICEF warning against attempted scam

05/09/2020 09:54:34

UNICEF learned on August 29, 2020 of the actions of malicious individuals who use its logo to set up a scam and extort money from people.

“These criminals present the populations and certain institutions with a spurious document of pledges, which leads to a misunderstanding with a UNICEF header, with a ‘Donation from UNICEF’ insert at the bottom of the page. According to the false letter, the organization would make this donation of food inputs, sanitary kits and other items of personal protection, as part of the fight against Covid-19.

In return, bad faith people demand that a sum of money intended to pay for transportation costs be deposited in a bank account.

This letter is not from UNICEF and the information is false and this whole operation is a scam. The people who signed this forged document are not UNICEF staff, and do not represent the organization.

UNICEF is making this formal denial through the press, to alert the populations and warn the public against this type of scam, which multiplies in times of crisis. The organization recommends that no donations be accepted on her behalf.

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