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iciHaiti – 51st of CONATEL : Prime Minister’s wishes


iciHaiti – 51st of CONATEL : Prime Minister’s wishes

27/09/2020 10:32:16

As part of the 51st anniversary of the National Telecommunications Council (CONATEL) Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe on his behalf and that of the Government has delivered a message that we invite you to discover.

Message from the Prime Minister :

“More than half a century of activities for the National Telecommunications Council (CONATEL) to which I present, on behalf of the Government, my wishes for innovation, good progress, commitment and longevity. The country needs the works of this institution more than ever in order to become more modern.

At this difficult stage in our history and the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, if it is acceptable to blow out these 51st candles with the Conatel, it is also time to take stock and materialize the major projects underway as :

  • The transition from analogue television to digital television;

  • The need to block telephone numbers not registered in the database of operators and the regulator no later than October 30, 2020, in order to ensure better security for the population;

  • portability of the telephone number where each person can change operators while keeping the same number by June 2021.

May the entry into this era, where information and communication technologies predominate, can help the country to fulfill its many dreams ! May CONATEL continue to support the population in their needs to communicate with each other and with the rest of the world.

I wish Conatel a happy birthday once again.

Joseph Jouthe.”

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