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Haiti – UN : The Dominican Republic calls on the international to provide the aid Haiti needs


Haiti – UN : The Dominican Republic calls on the international to provide the aid Haiti needs

13/10/2020 08:41:49

During his speech at the 75th ordinary session of the UN before the Security Council on the BINUH on October 5, Roberto Álvarez the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic declared that his country is extremely concerned about the deep social, economic, health and political crisis that Haiti is going through and asked the United Nations Security Council to renew the mandate of the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti (BINUH) in Haiti, given the crisis situation in the neighboring country.

Roberto Álvarez affirmed that the Dominican Republic will maintain its policy of collaboration with Haiti but “that there can be no Dominican solution to the Haitian situation“.

The Dominican Government calls on the International Community to provide the Haitian people with the humanitarian aid they so badly need and the necessary resources to be able to invest in infrastructure and job creation” declared Álvarez

Álvarez underlined the concern of the Dominican Republic in the face of the crisis that Haiti is going through. He referred to the holding of elections and the lack of consensus on a common political agenda defining a new electoral cycle.” For this reason, “ we urge the International Community to play a more active role in organizing this process and extend the mandate of BINUH, also providing it with the necessary resources for its proper functioning.

For Álvarez “BINUH must facilitate a broad political pact among Haitians which guarantees the holding of legislative elections, which is the most urgent task.”

In addition, Minister Álvarez underlined “the political and social processes on shared borders imply have a significant impact on each of the nations,” adding “the success of health or defense policies requires binational coordination” recalling that “the good neighborliness between the two countries must never infringe the principle of strict respect for international law and each of the Nations of the island” insisting that “given the condition of Haiti, the support of the international community and organizations multilateral is essential.”

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