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Haiti – UN : Moïse calls for international aid adapted to the needs of Haiti


Haiti – UN : Moïse calls for international aid adapted to the needs of Haiti

25/09/2020 10:10:58

On Thursday, President Jovenel Moïse spoke at the 75th regular session of the UN during the general debate of the General Assembly in a pre-recorded video message calling on international donors to adapt their aid to Haiti’s needs .

President Moïse recalled that Haiti had received several billion dollars in aid from the international community over the past ten years to eradicate poverty, regretting “The living conditions of Haitians have not improved. The billions of dollars spent have often not taken into account our priorities, our needs or even our strategy to fight against poverty” adding “in a perspective of sustainable development, we call on donors and all friendly countries to carry out a critical analysis of international aid to Haiti in order to assess its effectiveness.”

He called for “projects that adapt to our needs, that respond to our priorities and that allow us to implement an economic development focused on people, on national production, on strengthening the capacities of our institutions […] We want projects that have a positive impact on poverty and that integrate the social and environmental issues of the country ”.

Jovenel Moïse welcomed the fact that some donors “are beginning to understand the need to align with the will of the government of the Republic of Haiti with regard to the choice of its priorities”, specifying that the needs in terms of emergencies, long-term recovery and development remain immense and require consistent investment in several areas.

According to President Moïse, “gigantic and sustained efforts should be deployed in priority areas such as : road, agricultural, electrical, digital, port and airport infrastructure, education, health coverage, social housing, mobilization of the foreign direct investment, reforestation, environmental protection, the revival of agricultural production, access to energy for all from renewable sources, and access to credit for all, especially young people and to farmers.”

“I am fully aware of my responsibility to ensure the establishment of the essential conditions to guarantee the security, stability and long-term development of Haiti,” said Moïse, explaining that his government has since been clashed for a few months to “a complex socio-economic crisis and an excessive and violent polarization of the political class” and that he will not be able to face it alone, adding confident in conclusion “[…] Haiti will recover, but with lasting support, coherent, effective and well coordinated of the international community.”

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