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Haiti – Technology : CONATEL and INDOTEL seek a solution to the problems of interference at the border


Haiti – Technology : CONATEL and INDOTEL seek a solution to the problems of interference at the border

06/11/2020 09:49:48

Two important delegations, one Haitian (National Telecommunications Council – Conatel) and the other Dominican (Dominican Institute of Telecommunications – Indotel) met to seek a solution to the problem of interference in radio stations at the border and the disadvantages of the penetration of the mobile telephone signal in the two countries which causes the activation of the roaming mode in the border provinces, affecting the users in surcharges for the costs of calls which should be local.

The Haitian delegation was made up of Jean Marie Guillaume, Director General of CONATEL; Jean Dalex Maignan, Director of inspection and control; Joses Jean Baptiste; Director of the training center; Jean Claudy Balan, Director of the technical office; Pierre André Cesar Deputy Director of IT; Derrick Rowe, and Chandler Delouis, representatives of Digicel.

For the Dominican Republic the delegation was composed of Nelson Arroyo, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Indotel; Julissa Cruz, Managing Director; Alberto Delgado, Director of the Radio Spectrum Management Directorate; Sebastián Domínguez, Director of the Supervision Department and Neil Checo, Director of the International Relations Department.

At this meeting both parties expressed their concerns about the inconvenience caused by radio interference and the constant complaints from users. The two delegations considered this meeting to be very productive, the exchanges were frank and supported by a good explanation in a real framework of cooperation of the two countries.

Indotel announced that the details of a new Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation in telecommunications / information and communication technologies are being finalized (the one that entered into force in September 2017 having given concrete results https://www.icihaiti.com/en/news-21849-icihaiti-politic-entry-into-force-of-the-agreement-indotel-conatel.html ). For his part, Jean Marie Guillaume the CEO of CONATEL has promised to offer the necessary logistics for this interference situation to be resolved definitively, since there are several radios whose frequencies from the two countries interfere beyond the border.

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