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Haiti – Sport : Assassination of the national coach of Kyokushin


Haiti – Sport : Assassination of the national coach of Kyokushin

06/09/2020 09:41:54

Ronald Gérard D’Mezard, the Minister of Youth learned with emotion of the death of the Vice-president and national trainer of Kyokushin (karate without protection), the Sensei (master) Gaddafi Saphir, assassinated by bullets on Thursday, September 3, 2020 in the l’Acul not far from Gressier on Nationa Road #2 https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-31717-haiti-news-zapping.html

Kadhafi Saphir was presented as a very committed leader of the Haitian Federation of Kyokushin. He actively participated in the coronation of three Haitian athletes at the world championships which took place in Japan https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-18673-haiti-flash-jean-joseph-reynold-world-champion-of-kyokushinkai.html and in Italy https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-22928-haiti-sports-world-championship-in-italy-11-medals-for-our-karatekas.html .

With the departure of Gaddafi Saphir, Kyokushin loses a great master. The Minister in his name and that of the Ministry “salutes his obsession with excellence, discipline and his determination to put his talent, his aptitudes at the service of his country […] Minister D’Mezard, bows before the remains of this exceptional servant of the Fatherland, this emeritus technician and presents his sincere condolences to his family, to his relatives, to the great family of Kyokushinkai and wishes worthy tributes to him for his great contribution to the development efforts of the sport and services rendered to the Nation.”

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Kadhafi Saphir was also an inspector-instructor of the Haitian National Police and a member of the SWAT Specialized Unit.

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Unlike other styles of karate, kyokushin, in general, does not allow the wearing of protection during fights. The blows are delivered with maximum force. It is not allowed to strike with the hands in the head of the opponent, however kicks and knees are allowed and some are of great power. This style of karate was founded by Master Choi Yeoung-eui, who gave it the name of kyokushinkai, which in Japanese means “school of ultimate truth”.

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