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Haiti – Social : Passing away of the dean of Haiti at the age of «127»


Haiti – Social : Passing away of the dean of Haiti at the age of «127»

14/11/2020 08:40:55

Bénicia Souffrant Laguerre aka “Madan Jamba” considered to be the dean of Haiti, died of old age at the age of “127” at the beginning of November in her residence located in the locality of Moyette on the heights of the 8th communal section of Petit-Goâve.

The age of “Madan Janba”, however, has not been established and officially recognized by international bodies, and will therefore not appear on the list of deans of humanity.

During the celebration of his 126th birthday in January 2019, Me Delpêche Joassaint gave some details about the life of “Madan Jamba” that we share with you again.

“she was born in Verdier, a dwelling of the 8th section, January 17, 1893. Her parents gave her the name of Bénicia Souffrant.

Emmanuel Jasmin was the first concubine of Madan Jamba. From her affair with this man, she gave birth to two children.

Then she married Mr. Jean Baptiste Laguerre. Hence the nickname Madan Jamba. From this marital union were born later 4 children : two boys and two girls. All her 6 children died. She only has great grandchildren and daughters.

During her youth Madan Jamba practiced trade and traditional medicine […] She was seductive and attractive. At the time, soldiers were courting her but she never cheated on her husband. She was a fervent Catholic. She went to Mass regularly. She often went to the ball and practiced voodoo. Her stepson burned down her house and she lost all her papers. She loves her neighbor and she has a sense of sharing. Unbeknownst to her husband, she gave loans to people in the area. She always offers visitors something to eat or drink.”

The funeral of “Madan Jamba” will be sung this Saturday, November 14, 2020 in Petit-Goâve.

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