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Haiti – Social: National Mourning of 3 days


Haiti – Social: National Mourning of 3 days

15/03/2021 07:11:30

The General Secretariat of the Presidency informs that following the tragedy of the police officers killed https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-33226-haiti-flash-failure-of-the-anti-gang-operation-in-village-de-dieu-several-police-officers-killed-others-injured.html by terrorists in the Village de Dieu, that the country will observe three days of mourning which will begin from this Monday March 15 to Wednesday March 17, 2021, throughout of the national territory, to salute the memory of these valiant police officers who fell without the exercise of their function, the flags will be put at half mast on all public buildings.

All of our fellow citizens must be able to join in this well-deserved tribute to the police officers Georges Renois Vivendern Désilus Wislet, Eugène Stanley and Ariel Poulard, killed in the Village de Dieu

“These police officers were engaged in operations aimed at restoring order, ensuring the safety of their compatriots, fighting crime and kidnapping and protecting lives and property according to the noble mission entrusted to the police institution by the Constitution of the country. “

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