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Haiti – Social : Everything one need to know about the ONA Diaspora service


Haiti – Social : Everything one need to know about the ONA Diaspora service

11/09/2020 16:26:04

Thursday, Louis Gonzague E. Day, the Minister of Haitians Living Abroad (MHAVE) accompanied by his Director General Ketlène Jean Louis, launched a training course provided by executives from the Office National Old Age Insurance (ONA) to enable Ministry employees to better understand the mission and objectives of this service launched in December 2008 https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-26461-haiti-politic-official-launch-of-ona-diaspora.html

ONA Diaspora is a product that allows a Haitian who has emigrated permanently abroad, to guarantee his retirement in Haiti by paying his monthly contributions by subscribing to voluntary insurance.

ONA Diaspora’s general objective is to increase ONA’s old age insurance coverage and extend social security to all Haitians including those living in foreign lands.

What to remember about the ONA Diaspora product:

  • This is a new product that promotes job creation and the economic reintegration of Haitians living abroad into the old age insurance system;

  • It is a link between Haiti and its nationals who live abroad;

  • ONA Diaspora is a secure transactional service where voluntary policyholders can register online at: https://ona.ht/lancement-officiel-de-ona-diaspora.html

  • At retirement age, the insured will be entitled to 50% of the gross amount declared per month over a 20-year contribution period.

ONA Diaspora is for whom ? :

1. Direct contributors or voluntary insured

2. New voluntary policyholders who have never been registered with ONA;

3. Indirect contributors who decide to insure a third party to ONA.

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