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Haiti – Politic : The Protestant sector supports the opposition and calls for the transition


Haiti – Politic : The Protestant sector supports the opposition and calls for the transition

25/01/2021 09:25:56

In a note, the representatives of the Protestant community : Dr. Gerard Forges and Dr. Gerald Bataille ambassadors of the Protestant Federation of Haiti (FPH; Pastor Jacques N. Janvier, President of the Federation of Haitian Pastors (FEPaH); Dr. Francoise St Vil Villier, President of the National Spiritual Council of Churches (CONaSPE) and Pastor Ismaël Baptiste, representative of the Conference of Haitian Pastors (COPAH), after consultation and analysis of the current crisis takes a stand against the Government of Haiti, in favor of the opposition and call for the transition.

Extracts from our Protestant sector :

“[…] We met in Tabarre to reflect on the general situation of the country, on the eve of February 7, 2021.

[…] We are literally sitting on a powder keg, a dangerous situation exacerbated by the stubbornness of Mr. Jovenel Moïse to remain in power after February 7, 2021, the constitutional date of the end of his mandate.

Mr. Moïse […] knows full well that his mandate ends on February 7, 2021 […] To persist in staying beyond his constitutional mandate, ii is to embark on a dangerous adventure because it is a here a flagrant violation of the Constitution. A dictatorship is being established […]

[…] We, the undersigned, aware of our mission which is to clear the way for the people of God and remove all obstacles (Isaiah 57 verse 14)

DEMAND compliance with the Parent Law, in particular the provisions of Articles 134-1 and 134-2.

ASK the President of the Republic, Mr. Jovenel Molse to take note of the end of his mandate on February 7, 2021.

INVITE international organizations, including the OAS and the UN, to immediately cease their interference by supporting a President openly in rebellion against the law and the Constitution of the Country

CALL on the country’s living forces (religious sectors, employers, trade unions and others…) to take a clear position in favor of a peaceful transition in order to spare the country and its citizens the pains and pangs of indiscriminate violence.

Finally PROPOSE to civil society organizations a meeting with a view to setting up a support and reflection committee in order to supervise the initiatives of a disruptive transition, as demanded by Haitian society.”

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