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Haiti – Politic : The Government launches Phase II of the reform of the State


Haiti – Politic : The Government launches Phase II of the reform of the State

28/01/2021 09:19:52

Tuesday at the Kinam II hotel (Pétion-ville), the Government via the Office of Management and Human Resources (OMRH) launched the Phase II of the Institutional Support program for the Strengthening of the Haitian State and the establishment of sectoral monitoring committees for the State Modernization Program (PME-2018-2023).

Several personalities took part in this event, in addition to Prime Minister Joeseph Jouthe, the General Coordinator of OMRH, Jean Roudy Aly, the Minister of the Economy and Finance, Patrick Boisvert, the Ambassador of the European Union Ms. Sylvie Tabesse and representatives of other ministries and civil society.

This program funded by the European Union (EU), through the “State Building Contract (SBC-II)” aims at an in-depth reform of the Haitian public administration which must necessarily go through the renovation of the administrative system, the strengthening of coordination of government action and territorial governance.

Prime Minister Jouthe thanked the European Union for its support in the continuity of the program and renewed the commitment of the OMRH to work towards achieving the expected results.

In his intervention, Jouthe said he wanted to lead a relentless fight against the corruption that poisons the social fabric in Haiti and encouraged his collaborators to do everything possible for the total success of the program “Widespread corruption represents a threat to the country. Everything must be in place to encourage the success of the PME-2023 program. There is no good governance without good administration. Let’s break with the old habit of corruption.”

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