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Haiti – Politic : The Citizen’s Protection Office in favor of a new constitution


Haiti – Politic : The Citizen’s Protection Office in favor of a new constitution

29/10/2020 10:14:46

Considered by more than one, as a source of instability for the country after 33 years of experimentation, the Constitution of 1987 has aroused and still arouses much controversy which has intensified following the announcement of the possible adoption of a new Constitution.

On this observation, the Office for the Protection of the Citizen (OPC), organized last August a multisectoral Forum of 2 days (12-13 August) on “Constitutional reform and the political regime in Haiti”.

At the time of launching this forum, Renan Hédouville the Protector of the Citizen was clear “The OPC does not for the moment have preconceived ideas as to the way of seeing the Constitution […] However, as a National Institution of Human Rights, we firmly believe that whatever the scenario envisaged, we must safeguard democratic gains.é

During these two days, men and women of the law, academics, political actors, human rights defenders, members of civil society, presented their reading on a reform of the Constitution, a topical subject. Among them, Me René Magloire, Me Dilia Lemaire, Me Noé Massillon, Me Monferrier Dorval, Me Ikenson Édumé, Me Kebreau Zamor, Me Patrick Pierre Louis. Professors Hérold Toussaint, Victor Benoit, Edelyn Derismond, to name just a few.

The proceedings of the forum were presented to the country’s authorities and to various sectors of national life. A summary document was delivered to the Head of State who promised to use this document, as well as the others received previously, at the appropriate time.

Opinions are divided on the advisability of constitutional reform

Indeed, positions of various social layers have multiplied on this thorny question of constitutional reform. If for some sectors, the search for a minimum of consensus is essential because of the socio-political crisis, for many others, the adoption of a new constitution adapted to the political, economic and social reality of Haiti must be placed at the heart of the priorities of the moment before the upcoming elections. However, they encourage the stakeholders to orient the process towards the consolidation of democratic gains, the consecration of fundamental human rights without discrimination and the effective integration of the Haitian diaspora in the political affairs of the country.

In this spirit, the Office for the Protection of the Citizen reiterates its recommendation for the establishment of a special committee composed of multidisciplinary experts and credible personalities in order to look into a possible preliminary draft of a new Constitution.

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