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Haiti – Politic : Series of talk shows «AGORA, Chita pale sou dwa moun» (Video)


Haiti – Politic : Series of talk shows «AGORA, Chita pale sou dwa moun» (Video)

16/09/2020 10:46:35

Tuesday as part of the International Day of Democracy (September 15), Sylvie Tabesse, Ambassador of the European Union in Haiti, presented and launched the series “AGORA, Chita pale sou dwa moun”

“It is with great pleasure that I present to you this debate entitled’ AGORA, Chita Pale sou Dwa Moun’, the first in a series of debates and events around 12 emblematic dates in the field of human rights, we intend to score by 2022.

This day of celebration offers a unique opportunity to reflect on the challenges of democracy and its effective implementation, by placing at the heart of the debate the dialogue between citizens, political parties, civil society and national governing bodies, so that the democratic ideal can be realized. I am therefore delighted that it is made up of so many eminent figures, and I am sure that the discussions will be fruitful.’

For the first program of “AGORA, Chita pale sou dwa moun” received key personalities : Nesmy Manigat, Former Minister of Education (PME) and Chairman of the Ethics Committee of the Global Partnership for Education (PME), Renan Hedouville, Protector of the Citizen (OPC), Marie Yolene Gilles, of the ‘Fondasyon Je Klere’ and Frantz Duval, Editorial Director of Le Nouvelliste as well as other guests present or by videoconference, discussed the different aspects of democracy in Haiti around by Luckner Garraud, journalist moderator.

First debate program :

Upcoming “AGORA, Chita Pale sou Dwa Moun” meetings :

2020 :

November 20: International Children’s Rights Day

November 25: International Day Against Violence Against Women

December 3: International Day of Persons with Disabilities

December 10: World Human Rights Day

2021 :

May 17: World Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

June 5: World Environment Day

June 8: World Oceans Day

June 12: World Day Against Child Labor

June 15: World Day Against Hunger

August 12: International Youth Day

August 19: World Humanitarian Day

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