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Haiti – Politic : List of situations that require a National Identification Card


Haiti – Politic : List of situations that require a National Identification Card

04/02/2021 10:00:07

Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe recalls that at the end of the Decree of March 11, 2020 on the Unique National Identification Number and the National Identification Card, any Haitian is physically identified on the national territory by his National Identification Card (CIN) which must be presented to any requisition of the law enforcement.

The National Identification Office (ONI) is instructed to take all the necessary measures to provide all Haitian Consulates with technical facilities to enable Haitians living abroad to obtain their CIN.

Article 13 of the Decree determines all of the following situations or acts for which the National Identification Card is required :

Extract from Article 13 :


  • Hold a position in the public service, assume a public function;

  • Take up paid employment;

  • Perform an internship;

  • Claim any document from the central or decentralized public administration;

  • To be an agent;

  • Enroll in higher education establishments;

  • Obtain passport, driver’s license, license plates of any motor vehicle, insurance policy or renew it, license to carry or renew, academic or professional title and all other public documents;

  • Take part in an official exam;

  • Pass all civil acts and take legal action, both asking and defending;

  • Obtain the registration of Trademarks and Invention Patents;

  • Any entry, request or request to the Civil Status Register or to the Civil Status Service of the National Archives, ·

  • Participate in any act of Civil Status as a party, declarer or witness;

  • Participate in an examination or competition with a view to obtaining a permit, diploma or title recognized by the State;

  • Request the opening of a bank account;

  • Any financial transaction;

  • Any authentic or private deed having an effect on the heritage;

  • Benefit from a State social program;

  • Vote at any Electoral Assembly, ·

  • Present your candidacy for an elected position in the State or in a local authority;

  • Register a Political Party or request its recognition;

  • Register a grouping or a grouping of Political Parties;

  • Solicit public funding for the electoral campaign of a party, group or grouping of political parties,

  • Request and obtain a personal or institutional telephone number:

  • Create a digital identity;

  • Usually all other cases requiring an identification document.


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