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Haiti – Politic : Jovenel Moïse on tour in Artibonite


Haiti – Politic : Jovenel Moïse on tour in Artibonite

06/09/2020 10:39:30

On Friday, President Jovenel Moïse accompanied by his wife Martine made a tour of the Artibonite department.

The opportunity for the Head of State to visit and discuss with the population of Lyankou on the irrigation works carried out so that water arrives on the land and discuss the insecurity that is rife in the valley. In addition, he ordered to facilitate the production of materials for the concreting of the canals of the valley.

In Moro (Pon Sondé), the Head of State launched the construction of a modern police station which should be completed within about 3 months, and handed over 5 brand new pick-ups to allow the police to better support the population in the fight against armed gangs.

Subsequently Moïse took the direction of Savien, in order to take personal knowledge of the situation of the population to whom, he guaranteed that his administration will not tolerate any act of vagrancy and that the law will be applied against all the bandits who have decided to sow confusion and mourning in the population.

Moïse concluded his tour in the locality of Kòlmini (5th section of Saint-Marc) where he handed over to the officials of the Organization for the Development of the Artibonite Valley (ODVA) 3 heavy machinery that will be used to clean the rivers in the whole Valley. In addition, he promised to make funds available in the next budget (2020-2021) to allow ODVA to better play its role.

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