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Haiti – Politic : Intervention of President Moïse at the symposium on corruption


Haiti – Politic : Intervention of President Moïse at the symposium on corruption

29/10/2020 10:39:18

Tuesday October 27 as part of the symposium on corruption held at the Bank of the Republic of Haiti (BRH), around the theme “Control institutions at the heart of good governance and the fight against corruption”, President Jovenel Moïse intervened by emphasizing at the beginning “the organization of this symposium testifies to the will of the institutions concerned to materialize the wishes of the Government to stem at all costs the phenomenon of corruption which constitutes a major obstacle to growth and socio-economic development of the country. He recalled that in almost all of his speeches he had always denounced acts and offenses of corruption such as bribes, overbilling, influence peddling and money laundering…

Excerpts from President Moïse’s speech :

“[…] Corruption is a threat to the country’s economic development and stability. Financial and economic resources that should be used for social purposes are diverted for the benefit of a corrupt and perverse elite or oligarchy.

Corruption should not be seen as a mere fact of society, because its devastating effects are at an inestimable cost to the progress of the country. It must be fought with the utmost rigor

Corruption undermines the legitimacy of governments and undermines democratic values. It weakens the State, undermines its credibility and even weakens the confidence of the populations in public institutions.

Corruption hinders the adoption of fair and effective laws, as well as the enforcement of laws and the enforcement of court action. The fight against corruption goes hand in hand with strengthening the rule of law and good governance […]

[…] The fight against corruption is not easy. You don’t always know who you are fighting against. It is not without reason that these forces are called : dark forces. […]

People must know the truth. People must be able to clearly identify who is on their side and who is not on their side. Who is his friend and who is his enemy. Who speaks the truth and who lies to him, who is in corruption, who is not in corruption.

The role of the State is to promote justice and social equity. It is not to side with the rich and abandon the poor […] Today, the eyes of the people remain open to ask the authorities of the State for transparency and explanation. Therefore, you Prime Minister, Minister, all other officials who manage state funds, I ask you to cooperate with our oversight institutions. This is the best way to get involved in the fight against corruption.”

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