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Haiti – Politic : Intervention of Moïse at the meeting on good governance


Haiti – Politic : Intervention of Moïse at the meeting on good governance

27/11/2020 11:55:04

Thursday, November 26, President Jovenel Moïse chaired at the Convention Center the assizes of Directors General of public administration which took place around the theme “Good public governance, a necessity”.

In the presence of many executives of the administration and other public authorities, the Head of State reminded the Directors General of the need to develop an ethical sense in the performance of their tasks in order to allow the Haitian people to benefit optimally for the execution of state expenditure.

“[…] Practicing good governance means that the State authorities defend the interests of the State, the interests of the people before the interests of friends. This is what we do when we cut all the contracts that we see which are not in the interest of the State, which do not respect the principles of good governance […] Practicing good governance implies in particular the transparent management of State resources, it also implies respect for the rules and principles of public contracts […]” declared Jovenel Moïse.

“The efficiency of public actions and new actions necessarily face resistance from forces that fear good governance” estimated the Head of State” adding “[…] also, measures to put an end to administrative mismanagement have been taken. often encountered major obstacles which proved that good governance was the way to go to eradicate the corruption which plagues public institutions.”

President Moïse is convinced that good governance requires the involvement of all civil servants “who will face many enemies” insisting “by placing the interests of the Nation above particular interests, the Directors General must be courageous and show professionalism.

Accountability and solidarity between institutions are essential to establish good governance as a practice of managing the affairs of State. Compliance with standards, particularly in terms of public procurement, contributes to the establishment of good governance which must absolutely be applied for the benefit of the population.”

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