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Haiti – News : Zapping…

28/10/2020 14:22:38

End of the strike at the Maternity Hospital Isaïe Jeanty

Monday, after a two-week strike by resident doctors, medical activities have resumed work at the Isaïe Jeanty maternity unit https://www.icihaiti.com/en/news-32135-icihaiti-health-2nd-week-of-strike-at-the-maternity-hospital-isaie-jeanty.html . Doctors who claimed 12 months in arrears in service charges received full payment. However, they continue to demand higher fees for services and better working conditions. See also : https://www.icihaiti.com/en/news-32135-icihaiti-health-2nd-week-of-strike-at-the-maternity-hospital-isaie-jeanty.html

The assassins of Mordecai Wagnac (14 years old) arrested

The two alleged perpetrators of the murder of the teenager Mardochée Wagnac (14 years old) during a robbery, following the victim’s refusal to give his mobile phone, were apprehended early Monday, October 26 by the National Police of Haiti (PNH) in the locality Brefet (Les Cayes). On the same day, the PNH seized 3 kg of cocaine and arrested 3 people in the locality of Sovo in Camp-Perrin.

PM discusses projects with UEH

Tuesday Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe met with the Rector of the State University of Haiti (UEH) and directors of the École Normale Supérieure (ENS). Together they discussed the memorandum of understanding between the ENS and the Ministry of National Education for the appointment of intern students, the construction of the UEH campus and the acquisition of a building for the benefit of the ENS .

A Dominican honorary citizen of Delmas

Mayor Wilson Jeudy received the outgoing Dominican Ambassador, Alberto Emilio Despradel Cabral at the Municipal Palace of Delmas. Wilson Jeudy took the opportunity to congratulate the Ambassador for his excellent work in Haiti and his cordial collaboration with the municipality of Delmas and seized the opportunity to award him a plaque of honor and the title of honorary citizen of Delmas.

Haitian Ambassador to Japan meets with Uruguayan counterpart

The Ambassador of Haiti in Japan, Helph Monod Honorat had a friendly meeting with the Ambassador of Uruguay to Japan Cesar Ferrer and current vice-president of the representation in Japan of the Group of Latin American and Caribbean countries (GRULAC) . During this meeting, Ambassador Honorat reiterated his will to maintain the contribution of the Embassy of Haiti in Japan to strengthening the bonds of solidarity between the member countries of GRULAC, in particular between Haiti and Uruguay.

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