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Haiti – News : Zapping…


Haiti – News : Zapping…

16/10/2020 12:08:36

Possibility of American investments

On Wednesday, the CEO of the American International Development Finance Corporation, Adam Boehler, met with representatives of the Haitian private sector to promote investment, employment and increased income in Haiti. Discussions highlighted promising opportunities with small and medium enterprises led by women and there was talk of a possibility of investing between 20 and 100 million dollars in Haiti…

Saint Raphaël : Solar street lights and passenger shelters

As part of the “Social Support Project and Support for Local Initiatives” in support of the construction of the RN3, Hinche-Saint Raphael section, financed by the European Union and the French Development Agency (AFD), the inhabitants de Saint Raphael were able to benefit from 2 initiatives : street lighting using solar street lights and the construction of the “Abri Voyageur”, allowing passengers to have a clean and safe space to wait for public transport. Led by local organizations, the main objective of these two projects is to improve the daily lives of residents of Saint Raphael.

The Lottery announces sanctions

Marie Margareth Fortuné Director General of the Haitian State Lottery (LEH) announced several sanctions and measures to be taken in front of tenants and owners of lottery banks who do not want to respect the following rules : for any bet of a gourde, the amount to be paid is fixed as follows : 50 gourdes for the first batch, 20 gourdes for the second batch and 10 gourdes for the third batch, recalling that any other protocol not respecting these terms is considered null and is struck by formal ban by the LEH.

Minister Myriam Jean visits the Hotel School of Haiti

Thursday, on the sidelines of the end-of-session exams, Ms. Jean paid a visit to the Hotel School of Haiti (EHH), to participate in the presentation of the students’ practical work. Received by Ms. Karine Condé Director of the EHH, the Minister tasted dishes prepared by the students. Remember that the Hotel School of Haiti is celebrating its 66th anniversary this year.

36th FAO Regional Conference

On Tuesday the Minister of Agriculture Patrix Sévère met with José Luis Fernandez, Representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). It was question of cooperation and the 36th Regional Conference of FAO which will take place online from October 19-21, where the challenges and issues related to food and agriculture will be discussed.

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