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Haiti – News : Zapping…

15/10/2020 12:32:13

The fight against high cost of living should not be just the Government’s business

“The fight against high cost of living should not be only the Government’s business. The private sector has an obligation to participate. I appeal to its patriotic sense for a fall in the prices of products in the face of the depreciation of the dollar, all this, in the perspective of social appeasement,” declared President Jovenel Moïse last night.

Evelyne Trouillot leads a storytelling workshop

As part of the 11th edition of the “Kont Anba Tonèl” festival, the writer Evelyne Trouillot runs, for 3 days, from October 13 to 15, 2020, a storytelling workshop, at the premises of the National Book Department, in Pacot.

Dany Laferrière in sculpture

The Grande Bibliothèque, located in Montreal, now houses a sculpture by writer Dany Laferrière by Quebec artist Roger Langevin. This sculpture was named Exile Worth the Journey, named after one of Dany Laferrière’s novels.

Message from the Consulate of Haiti in Cuba

The Haitian Consulate in Cuba reports that anyone who has obtained a visa and has at least 6 months left before its expiration as of April 1, 2020, when travel suspension measures were taken due to the COVID – 19, you will be able to renew your visa with a special rate of 100.00 CUC. This measure will come into force after the resumption of consular services and will be in effect for 4 months. First-time visa applications and visa renewals, which are not within the previous deadline, remain at the cost of 150.00 CUC. These formalities can be completed once the consular services offered by this Mission resume, which remain suspended until further notice.

Meeting between the Minister of Justice and the Ambassador of Taiwan

Yesterday Wednesday, the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Me. Rockefeller Vincent received the visit of the Ambassador of Taiwan to Haiti, the diplomat Richard Wen-Jiann Ku. This meeting, which lasted about thirty minutes, took place in an atmosphere marked by reciprocal cordiality. Haitian-Taiwanese cooperation was at the heart of the exchanges between the Minister and the head of Taiwanese diplomacy in Haiti.

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