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Haiti – News : Zapping…

26/09/2020 12:16:49

Billionaire American rapper Kanye West in Haiti

On Friday, the billionaire American rapper Kanye West, who came to explore business opportunities in Haiti and to visit Labadee, Turtle Island and a germoplasm center in the North-West, arrived at the international airport of Cap Haitien where he was welcomed at the Diplomatic Room by President Jovenel Moïse who accompanied him on his visits. “Kanye West’s visit is an opportunity for me to invite the African-American community to get more involved in various investments in Haiti. Our country is the ideal place to promote universal culture. Haiti is Africa at the heart of America,” declared the Head of State at the airport. Note that the personal fortune of Kanye West is estimated at 1.3 billion US dollars, according to Forbes magazine (2020).

Remedial course

Louis Fritz Dorminvil the West Departmental Director of Education and Nadine Henry the Director of Fundamental Education announced the start of remedial classes from next Monday See also : https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-31893-haiti-flashd-16-everything-about-the-next-official-exams-and-remedial-courses.html

Exchanges between fishermen’s associations

The Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, via the Artisanal Fishing Project, launched an exchange program this week between fishermen’s associations from the departments of South, South-East and Grand-Anse. The objective is to enable these professionals to make the best use of the potential of the sea and to become real development actors in their respective communities.

Inauguration of the Ste Anne de Bois de Laurence public square

The Office for the Monetization of Development Assistance Programs (BMPAD) inaugurated the Ste Anne de Bois de Laurence public square (Mombin Crochu, Dept North-East).

Contemporary Art Thursdays

The Thursdays of Contemporary Art announce the resumption of their activities since Thursday, September 24, 2020 from 6:00 p.m. at Maison Dufort. The monthly event will host the exhibition “Vein and courage” by Sébastien Jean Ju September 27 to October 4, 2020. For health security reasons, the organizers are announcing a limit on the number of participants and invite all those who wish to participate to wear a mask, under penalty of denial of access to the Dufort house.

6th Edition of the Young Journalist Prize

Friday took place the launching ceremony of the 6th Edition of the Young Journalist Prize in Haiti, around the theme: “school in Haiti”. An initiative of the Regional Office of the Organization Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) Caribbean and Latin America (BRECAL/OIF), supported by the Ministry of Culture, which invites young people from the ten departments to highlight “the school in Haiti” through written, radio and audiovisual reports.

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