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Haiti – News : Zapping…

24/09/2020 12:27:18

Incident at CSC/CA

On Wednesday, an incident occurred at the Superior Court of Accounts and Administrative Litigation (CSC/CA), when Nader Joiséus the Minister of Public Works, accompanied by armed people and a cameraman burst into the enclosure of the Court, filming sensitive places. This provoked the anger of the President of the Court, Rogavil Boisguéné, who appealed to the Prime Minister, Joseph Jouthe. Minister Nader Joiséus and the Prime Minister at the end of this incident, left the premises of the CSC/CA separately, without knowing the reason for this intrusion of the premises…

Referendum on the Constitution legal or not ?

Reacting to the challenges to the mandate of the CEP responsible for organizing a referendum, whose protesters claim that this mandate violates the Constitution, Guichard Doré, the Special Advisor to President Moïse, explained “it is not a question of modifying the Constitution but to endow Haiti with a new Constitution” reminding opponents “No text, no document, no standard can prevent the Haitian people from adopting a new Constitution. It is an imprescriptible and inalienable right”.

CEP : swearing-in no obligation

Stanley Lucas on a radio station of the capital denounced the hypocrisy of the radical opposition which blocks any attempt to hold elections in the country. Regarding the postponement sine die of the swearing-in of the members of the CEP before the Court of Cassation, Mr Lucas underlines that the amended 1987 Constitution obliges the members of a Permanent Electoral Council to take an oath before the judges of the court of cassation and not to the members of an electoral structure Provisional. Deploring that this tradition, which is based on an initial error, is repeated each time.

Constituent Assembly non-existent

Guichard Doré, Special Advisor to the Head of State, gave an update on a radio station of the capital affirming “Mackenson Cangé is an activist, not a member of the communications office of the National Palace […]” and denied these statements “there is no Constituent Assembly that works on the drafting of the Constitution.”

The CEP is legal according to Renald Lubérice

Renald Lubérice, Secretary General of the Council of Ministers explained to those who said that the CEP appointed by President Moïse is illegal and unconstitutional “The President of the Republic has the responsibility to ensure that the elections are held. In the absence of a permanent electoral council, he invites the sectors provided for by the Constitution to participate in the formation of the provisional CEP. In the event of failure, for reasons which concern them, of the sectors provided for by the constitution, the Executive replaces them. The mission of the CEP thus formed ends with the investiture of the newly elected President. There is no constitutional provision for any sector or institution to be able to block an electoral process. Otherwise, democracy would have been held hostage by one or more interest groups”

CEP : The diaspora does not want Esperancia César as a representative

Nearly a hundred leaders of Haitian diaspora organizations from the United States, Canada, France, the Dominican Republic among others, claim not to recognize Espérancia César member of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) as their representative https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-31868-haiti-elections-installation-of-members-of-the-provisional-electoral-council.html

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