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Haiti – News : Zapping…


Haiti – News : Zapping…

03/03/2021 11:23:17

Kidnapping of the Minister of Health’s husband

Tuesday morning at Avenue N, not far from Rue 3, engineer Alix Clément, husband of Minister of Health Marie Greta Roy Clément was kidnapped by heavily armed individuals.

Protests : Closure of 250 service stations

In protest of the kidnapping of one of their colleagues, the 275 owners who are members of the National Association of Petrol Station Owners (ANAPROSS) announce the closure of their service station as of Wednesday, March 3, 2021 .

PNH NOTICE : Convocation of applicants for the 31st promotion

Candidates for the training of the 31st promotion of the PNH, are convened on Monday March 8, 2021 from 7:30 am to the Medical Directorate of the PNH located at the National Police School, route de frères. NB : 1) wearing a mask is compulsory. 2) decent outfit.

Les Cayes : Arrest of 5 kidnappers

On Tuesday, 5 individuals suspected of kidnapping were arrested in Les Cayes following the kidnapping and forcible confinement of underage Rebecca Maima Chilenchie.

Marion River dam 98% complete

“The construction of the Marion dam, North East is 98% complete, a relief for the population of the lower North East who will no longer be flooded during the rains and who will benefit from electricity in their homes” informs the Ministry of Public Works. See also : https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-31269-haiti-politic-towards-the-end-of-the-works-of-the-dam-on-the-marion-river.html

Soon an assessment of the fight against crime and kidnapping

“The Government Commissioners have already prosecuted several alleged kidnappers with their accomplices. Very soon, they will give a press conference to share with the population their results in the fight against crime and kidnapping. In a democracy, one does not conquer political power by violence and terror. Bandits guided by dark forces seeking to provoke a general uprising in the country will be treated as enemies of society and the state. Enough is enough !” Rockefeller Vincent, Minister of Justice and Public Security

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