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Haiti – News : Zapping

01/01/2021 10:39:37

217th anniversary of independence wishes

President Jovenel Moïse :

“The reasons to celebrate are, I know, far from being justified. But, if together we do it, we will find that vein of hope that will remind us that this country needs all of us to prosper and that we need another Haiti […]”

Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe :

“Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe wishes you Happy Independence Day and Happy New Year 2021 !”

Consulate General of Haiti in Paris :

“The Consulate General of the Republic of Haiti in Paris wishes you Happy Independence Day and Happy New Year 2021.”

Embassy of Haiti in Japan :

“The Embassy of Haiti in Japan shares Ambassador Helph Monod Honorat’s wishes for a Happy Independence Day with all Haitians, and particularly with compatriots residing in Japan. It also shares her wishes for success, health and prosperity for the New Year to fellow citizens.”

May 2021 be a year of light

“After the arrival of the two GE gas turbines (in total: 60 Mw) at the Carrefour Power Plant site, the civil works are progressing rapidly. Very soon, the two turbines will be installed. Happy New Year ! May 2021 be a year of light!” Dr. Evenson Calixte, Director General of the National Energy Sector Regulatory Authority (ANARSE).

Wishes to entrepreneurs and investors

The Ministry of Trade and Industry wishes entrepreneurs and investors a happy and successful 2021. The Ministry is counting on your collaboration in order to create more jobs and more wealth in the country.

Constitution : Council of Ministers

On December 31, President Moïse chaired a council of ministers around the renewal of the mandate of the Independent Consultative Committee responsible for drawing up the draft of the new Constitution and the adoption of the decree determining the rules for organizing the constitutional referendum.

Inauguration of the new premises of SEMANAH

This week Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe who participated in the inauguration ceremony of the new premises https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-32229-haiti-news-zapping.html of the Maritime and Navigation Service of Haiti (SEMANAH) located in Thorcelle, congratulated the General Director Eric Prévost Jr. for his work. The Head of Government is committed to continuing to support SEMANAH to provide more services to the population.

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