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Haiti – News : Zapping…

11/11/2020 10:45:59

Arrest of the murderer of a police officer 2 years later

The Central Directorate of the Judicial Police (DCPJ), after investigations carried out over several months, arrested the named James Sampeur on November 7, in Delmas 89, for his involvement in the assassination of the police officer Robert Scutt on the 6 July 2018 who had been killed, then burned in Delmas 83 while trying to cross a barricade.

Moïse promises fair elections

On Tuesday, President Jovenel Moïse said on a radio station of the capital that the next elections will be fair and that the best candidate will win and that he will not interfere in the electoral process to favor a candidate claiming “The elections will be organized for the people and the politicians. It will be up to the people to choose their next leaders, not the Head of State.”

Panama : compatriots in difficulty

At the beginning of the week, Chancellor Claude Joseph had a videoconference with his counterpart from Panama, Alejandro Ferrer about the difficulties encountered by Haitian compatriots living in certain countries of South America, in particular in Brazil and Chile, to transit through Panama to Haiti. The Panamanian Chancellor has promised to consult the competent authorities, particularly of migration, to see how to facilitate the journey to these Haitians in difficulty.

Haiti would be committing a collective suicide

Tuesday during a conference-debate at Quisqueya University, Paul Altidor, former Ambassador of Haiti to the United States for 7 years, explained that Haiti was committing “collective suicide” because of its “inability to rethink its relations with the United States of America. “There is an urgent need to rethink relations between Haiti and the United States […] A simple Tweet from the American Embassy can destabilize the country […] We are in the process of building our deconstruction in relation to our relations with the USA. There are too many improvisations in our relationship with the United States,” said Altidor.

Petit-Goâve: 600 Kw more

EDH informs that in order to better supply customers, the installed capacity of the Petit-Goâve power station has been increased by 600 Kw.

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