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Haiti – Justice : Towards the formation of a Committee to review the new Penal Code


Haiti – Justice : Towards the formation of a Committee to review the new Penal Code

31/10/2020 10:32:15

Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe held an important working session this week which brought together, among others : the former Commissioners who worked on the draft of the new Penal Code and the Code of Penal Procedures and Ms.Helen La Lime, Special Representative and Head of United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti (BINUH).

During the discussions, it was decided to form a Committee for the Review of the New Penal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedures.

This structure will mostly include former commissioners who worked on the new Penal Code. The Committee will also be responsible for collecting analyzes and criticisms from sectors of all strata of society, with regard to the revision proposals for the implementation of the Penal Code.

This committee, with very precise terms of reference, will have a period of 60 days, from the date of its creation, to carry out this work by ensuring a “fair balance between the requirement of repression of offenses and the legal imperative.”

In addition, arrangements have been made for the publication, as soon as possible, of the Code of Penal Procedures, a document inherent in the Penal Code, with the aim of facilitating the work of the members of the Committee who will have to carry out simultaneous consultations on these two complementary and inseparable texts.

Download the bill on the Code of Criminal Procedure (429 PDF pages) : https://www.haitilibre.com/docs/projet-de-loi-portant-code-de-procedure-penale.pdf

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