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Haiti – Justice : The judicial system paralyzed for almost 2 months


Haiti – Justice : The judicial system paralyzed for almost 2 months

21/09/2020 11:04:27

Despite 3 three meetings between Rockefeller Vincent, the Minister of Justice and representatives of the organized trade union structures of the clerks of the 18 jurisdictions, the clerks remain dissatisfied and continue their strike which paralyzes the courts since July 28, 2020 and penalizes litigants.

However, during the last meeting at the end of August, Minister Vincent committed to include the demands of the clerks in the next 2020-2021 budget which should bring significant improvements to their working conditions https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-31664-haiti-justice-towards-the-end-of-the-strike-of-judicial-staff.html and made progress on the status of court clerks, proposals that had been favorably received by the representatives of court clerks… but visibly insufficient for their members

Jean Wilner Morin, President of the National Association of Magistrates of Haiti (ANAMAH) who unconditionally supports this strike https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-31523-haiti-news-zapping.html recalls that “Without the presence of a clerk [custodian of the files of his jurisdiction] the tribunal is incompetent and incomplete. The clerks’ strike automatically leads to the dysfunction of the courts […]”

Note that after two months of strike, the Superior Council of the Judicial Power (CSPJ) has still not met the union representatives of the clerks

Finally, it should be remembered that the clerks’ demands relate, among other things, to better working conditions for clerks and bailiffs, the adoption of a statute for clerks, one of the main causes of their strike, an increase in wages, a health insurance card and access to continuing education…

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