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Haiti – Justice : Release of 5 UDMO agents incarcerated at the National penitentiary


Haiti – Justice : Release of 5 UDMO agents incarcerated at the National penitentiary

13/09/2020 11:34:43

Saturday morning, Port-au-Prince experienced difficult times during which more than twenty vehicles were set on fire, others vandalized and barricades of flaming tires erected on several streets, blocking traffic, by demonstrators, so that heavily armed men on motorcycles, demanded the release of the 5 police officers of the Departmental Units of Maintenance of Order (UDMO), responsible for monitoring the residence of Me Monferrier Dorval, the president of the Bar Association of Port-au-Prince killed on August 28 in front of his residence https://www.icihaiti.com/en/news-31661-icihaiti-pelerin-5-assassination-of-the-president-of-the-bar-of-port-au-prince.html .

These 5 police officers Doddeley Pierre, Mackenson Cléus, Markenson Prévil, Angou M. Orcel and Sénèque were finally released at midday on the order of Me Ducarmel Gabriel, Commissioner of the Government of Port-au-Prince. However, according to the release document from the prosecution they will have to be transferred to IGPNH to be placed in isolation.

These releases come after the intervention of the Prime Minister who declared on a radio of the capital “[…] I have just given instructions to the Minister of Justice to follow this file closely. At the Executive level, we demanded that the perpetrators, material and intellectual, be found and tried. But these police officers, in any case, are not involved in the assassination of Me Dorval […] if they have committed administrative errors, they must answer before the General Inspectorate. If the IGPNH […] Having said that, there is no question of detaining the police at the national penitentiary, because according to my investigation, they committed an administrative error.”

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