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Haiti – Justice : Open war against illicit speculation


Haiti – Justice : Open war against illicit speculation

27/10/2020 11:49:44

Me Ducarmel Gabriel, the Government Commissioner a.i. at the Court of First Instance of Port-au-Prince, noted with amazement that throughout the country and particularly in the metropolitan area, some commercial companies do not hesitate to speculate by selling products and goods well above the usual price

Consequently, reminds that these practices are foreseen and punished in particular by the law of December 20, 1946 which sanctions (fine and prison) the offense of illicit speculation.

Recalling that the offender “[…] may be arrested on justified denunciation and after a verbal report from an agent or inspector of the Department of Commerce or any other person in charge of the Judicial Police.

He will be brought immediately before the criminal court of the place of the offense. The case will be judged by priority, all cases ceasing immediately […] The evidence must be produced at the same hearing and the judgment will be pronounced within 48 hours, under penalty of attack. It will be enforceable on the minute, notwithstanding appeal, cassation appeal and defense to execute.”

Me Ducarmel Gabriel emphasizes to everyone’s attention that he will crack down with the utmost rigor against all speculators and whatever they come from and to some bodies that they belong to.

It should be noted that the offense of illicit speculation also includes the manipulation of stocks of goods and accountants as well as all practices aimed at distorting the game of competition and defeating the regulation of prices [when it exists, which in Haiti is limited to the prices of petroleum products and those of public transport…]

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