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Haiti – Justice : 2 years after the La Saline massacre, the legal file is at a standstill


Haiti – Justice : 2 years after the La Saline massacre, the legal file is at a standstill

15/11/2020 09:08:17

In a note, the Collective of Defenders of Victims of La Saline recalls that 2 years after the massacre of La Saline where more than 71 people were assassinated, dozens of women raped, hundreds of houses burned down, the judicial record is at a standstill.

So far, the Court of Cassation has not even bothered to examine the recusal appeal brought against the investigating judge by the former senior officials indexed in the investigation.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), seized by the Collective of Defenders of the Victims of the La Saline, ordered on December 31, 2019, provisional measures faced “the situation of seriousness and urgency” in which they find themselves victims “since their rights to life and personal integrity are at risk of irreparable harm.”

The CIDH expressly asked the Haitian authorities :

  • “To adopt the necessary measures to protect the rights to life and personal integrity of members of the Collective of victims of the Saltworks;

  • Take the necessary measures to ensure that beneficiaries can carry out their human rights defense activities without being subjected to threats, intimidation or acts of violence in the performance of their duties;

  • To decide on the measures to be adopted in consultation with the beneficiaries and their representatives;

  • To report on the actions taken in order to investigate the alleged facts giving rise to the approval of the present request for provisional measure and, thus, to prevent their recurrence.”

The Haitian State did not even bother to take note of this request…

“It has been two years now that the situation is serious and urgent and nothing is happening, except for new deaths and more and more violence and impunity” laments Le Collectif

However, after months of inertia, the IACHR has just announced a bilateral meeting with the Haitian State. The Collective welcomes this announcement and “hopes that this meeting will prevent the announced sinking of the rule of law in Haiti […]”

Download the report on the La Saline massacre (French PDF) : https://www.haitilibre.com/docs/10-Rap-La-Saline-1Dec2018.pdf

Download the Revised Balance Sheet of the La Saline Massacre (French PDF) : https://www.haitilibre.com/docs/8-CP-La-Saline-bilan-revise-20Dec2018.pdf

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