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Haiti – Insecurity : The Bishops of Haiti alarmed by gang violence


Haiti – Insecurity : The Bishops of Haiti alarmed by gang violence

02/09/2020 10:12:08

The shooting assassination on the evening of Friday August 28 in the parking lot of his residence of Me Monferrier Dorva, President of the Bar of Port-au-Prince, https://www.icihaiti.com/en/news-31661-icihaiti-pelerin-5-assassination-of-the-president-of-the-bar-of-port-au-prince.html https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-31668-haiti-insecurity-rain-of-reactions-around-the-assassination-of-me-monferrier-dorval.html , testifies for the umpteenth time of a security situation that has become deleterious in Haiti where gang violence is practiced with impunity, believe the Bishops of the Haitian Episcopal Conference, who castigate the indifference of the authorities and are the spokespersons of a growing exasperation within society.

The episcopate rises “against this endemic insecurity generated by the violence of the gangs which undermine the country, sowing death and mourning among the inhabitants” recalling that “Targeted assassinations of this type are increasing worryingly […]” January and June 2020, the United Nations office in Haiti noted that at least 159 people had been killed and 92 others injured due to gang violence

The bishops question the authorities, confronting them with their inaction “why do the authorities and law enforcement agencies remain indifferent, with folded arms, doing nothing ? Why is the country handed over to bandits and murderers ? Echoing the exasperation of a population weary of “empty speeches, empty promises and endless investigations”.

The Bishops underline “the bruised and tried people want and demand immediately concrete and strong actions to definitively eradicate the insecurity and impunity which increase their misery and despair. We say with it : Enough is enough !”

The situation demands immediate intervention by the authorities, warn the bishops, and for good reason “the country is sinking deeper every day into the darkness of economic stagnation, suffering, despair. There must absolutely be a national, general citizen burst of all the moral and spiritual forces of the country, otherwise it will sink forever into the abyss. And we will all be losers, rulers and ruled”.

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