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Haiti – FLASH : Washington supports Jovenel Moïse


Haiti – FLASH : Washington supports Jovenel Moïse

06/02/2021 08:32:04

Friday February 5, Ned Price, the Spokesman for the US State Department, answering a question on the position of the United States on the Haitian opposition which wants the departure of the President Sunday February 7, 2021 which it considers to be the end of the Mandate answered “[…] ln accordance with the OAS position on the need to proceed with the democratic transfer of executive power, a new elected president should succeed President Moise when his term ends on February 2nd, 2022.

The Haitian people deserve the opportunity to elect their leaders and restore Haiti’s democratic institutions. The United States continues to maintain that the Haitian Government should exercise restraint in issuing decrees, only using that power to schedule legislative elections and for matters of immediate threats to life, health. and safety until parliament is restored and can resume its constitutional responsibilities.”

Reacting to this position, the Haitian chancellery took note “[…] of the position of the United States Department of State in favor of legislative and presidential elections in Haiti with a view to providing for the replacement of President Jovenel Moïse on the 7th February 2022. With the support of the friends of Haiti, the OAS, the UN, the OIF, the Haitian people will have the right to free and inclusive elections in order to choose their leaders.”

For his part, the Ambassador of Haiti in Washington, Bocchit Edmond, who discussed the elections, the upcoming constitutional referendum and the challenges related to security in Haiti, thanked the United States Government for its continued commitment to strengthen democracy in Haiti.

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