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Haiti – FLASH : Thousands of Haitians risk deportation to Chile

. If the application is approved, the applicant will receive a temporary visa. The cost of the visa for those over 18 is 90 US dollars (or the equivalent in Chilean pesos) and is FREE for minors.

Documents required for adults :

– A criminal record certificate (police certificate) from the country of origin in force at the time of the request (legalized or apostilled as the case may be)

– Passport valid at the time of application

Documents required for minors :

– Passport valid at the time of application

– Birth certificate (legalized or apostilled as the case may be)

Thousands of Haitian compatriots therefore find themselves in the same situation as Haitians in the Dominican Republic at the time of the establishment of a more or less similar regularization plan (PNRE) and risk deportation if they do not succeed. to be regularized within the time limit.

Obtaining the required documents with the Haitian administration may take longer than the deadline granted by the Chilean Government, whether it is a question of renewing a passport or obtaining a certificate of criminal record or a birth certificate for them. minors https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-26101-haiti-chile-exasperated-haitians-demonstrate-in-front-of-the-embassy-of-haiti-in-santiago.html

If the Embassy of Haiti in Chile does not act quickly and does not give priority to quickly deliver the documents to compariotes in an irregular situation https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-32118-haiti-politic-the-mhave-seeks-a-solution-for-haitians-living-in-chile.html , it is highly probable, as in the Dominican Republic that on the number of registrants, very few manage to be regularized and that the Most will be repatriated to Haiti …

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