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Haiti – FLASH : The Dominican President unveils his position towards the Haitians


Haiti – FLASH : The Dominican President unveils his position towards the Haitians

03/09/2020 10:15:35

If many expected from the newly elected Dominican President Luis Rodolfo Abinader Corona, positive changes for Haitians in the Dominican Republic they will be disappointed.

Like President Trump and his “America First” slogan, President Abinader in an interview with CNN Spain on Tuesday was crystal clear: Dominicans first. Asked by the host Camilo Egaña on what the Dominican Government intended to do with the Haitian nationals on its territory he declared “my commitment is for the Dominicans, it is for them that I must have objectives to improve their quality of life” and not solve the problems of Haitians residing in Dominican territory.

For Abinader the question of immigration finds its solution in the strict respect of the application of the law “What we are going to do, is to enforce the law on immigration, like any country, like the United States, as in any organized society.”

Regarding temporary Haitian workers, see the day laborers who come to work in the Dominican Republic, Abinader specifies “Haitians who come to the Dominican Republic must come with a work permit and comply with the law and after completing this work they must return to their home. country.”

Wilfredo Lozano, the Director of the Dominican National Institute for Migration, agrees with President Abinader, adding that during his mandate he would strengthen the general law on migration, recalling in particular that the Dominican law provides only “the formal entry of temporary workers” adding moreover, that all Haitians entering Dominican territory must have official identification papers from the Haitian authorities.

Regarding relations with Haiti, Luis Abinader extended his hand to the Haitian authorities, suggesting that the two Nations must work together to resolve certain common problems at the border, but that working together must not make us forget that it is are two distinct Nations living on the same island.

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