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Haiti – FLASH : The assassins of Evelyne Sincère confess their horrible crime


Haiti – FLASH : The assassins of Evelyne Sincère confess their horrible crime

10/11/2020 07:40:50

On Monday, the divisional inspector, Gary Desrosiers, Deputy Spokesman of the National Police of Haiti (PNH) announced that the 3 individuals questioned at the Central Directorate of the Judicial Police (DCPJ), as part of the investigation on the kidnapping and murder of the young 22-year-old student, Evelyne Sincère, had confessed to their crime.

Presented to the press, these 3 individuals were identified as Obed Joseph, aka “Kiki” the “alleged boyfriend” of the victim, Evald Domerçant (27 years old) and his brother Michel Jerry Domerchant (22 years old) explained that they developed this plan for the sole purpose of making money.

In the summary of events, Gary Desrosiers explained that on October 29, three days after a first meeting, Evelyne Sincère had met Obed Joseph in Delmas.

According to Obed Joseph, the student told him when he first met that her father was in charge of a church and owned an auto parts business. Informed the two accomplices of “Kiki” convinced that the family had money, decided to kidnap the young woman in exchange for a ransom during this second meeting.

Obed Joseph, claimed he did not want to participate in the kidnapping but admitted that it was he who lured Évelyne Sincère into the trap. Sequestered and gagged for 3 days in a house in Nazon, after the failure to obtain the requested ransom and fearing to be identified by their hostage, the 3 men decided to kill her.

Evald Domerchant after forcing Evelyne to drink a mixture of poison and drug, it was Obed Joseph who was responsible for immobilizing the victim, while Michel Jerry Domerchant tried to suffocate Evelyne with a pillow, Michel specified that Obed had helped him by strangling the student with his hands at the same time. After putting their body in a metal drum, they disposed of it in a garbage dump between Delmas 24 and Nazon. However, these 3 criminals deny the rape of their victim.

As soon as the final additional interrogations are over, their file will be transmitted by the DCPJ to the Port-au-Prince prosecutor’s office for legal action.

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