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Haiti – FLASH : New violent actions of the «Phatom 509» Group in the capital


Haiti – FLASH : New violent actions of the «Phatom 509» Group in the capital

17/09/2020 10:20:52

Wednesday a group of “police offciezrs”, armed and hooded demonstrated violently, still demanding the release of Pascal Alexandre a member of the Brigade for the Fight Against Drug Trafficking (BLTS) imprisoned [unfairly according to the demonstrators] since May 13 at the National Penitentiary, accused of murder, arson, destruction of public property and attack on state security https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-30777-haiti-justice-a-police-officer-incarcerated-in-the-penitentiary-the-phantom-group-issues-an-ultimatum.html intends to multiply their actions until the release of their colleague.

It was a procession of bikers, uniformed police officers and civilians, most of them armed, who demonstrated violently, amid gunfire, erecting barricades of flaming tires and causing extensive damage in their path.

The partial report shows at least 7 State vehicles and a pressure truck (garbage truck) from the town hall of Delmas burned down; violent incursion into the premises of the Economic and Social Assistance Fund, the demonstrators smashed doors and windows, ransacked the premises and not destroy by fire the vehicles in the garage of the institution, before attacking the premises of the Agricultural and industrial finance and development company, located in Bourdon then to tackle the annex of the National Identification Office (ONI) for the second time this week…

Faced with this violence repeated daily, Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe, while recognizing that the means used by the demonstrators are “deplorable”, offers these individuals a dialogue, believing that the Government should not do the same and fight arms with arms… For Jouthe who wants to be reassuring “[…] The protesting police officers will sit down and have a dialogue […]”

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