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Haiti – FLASH : Free political training, open registrations


Haiti – FLASH : Free political training, open registrations

01/10/2020 14:03:19

As part of a project that the Citizen Observatory for the Institutionalization of Democracy (OCID) is implementing with the support of the National Foundation for Democracy (NED) of the United States, the OCID announces a training on “Political socialization and the argued debate”.

This training is aimed particularly at young people and women aged 18 and over from associations, academia and politics across the 10 departments of the country.

Modules of the Training Program:

  • Politics: definition, object, methods and actors;

  • Democratic institutions and processes;

  • Political participation of women;

  • Political participation of young people;

  • Overview of survey techniques;

  • Monitoring of the Parliament;

  • Election observation;

  • Introduction to concepts and principles of argument;

  • Overview of the principles and techniques of adversarial debate.

All the details about the course : https://www.ocidhaiti.org/ocid/formation/18041

Online registration : https://www.ocidhaiti.org/ocid/inscription/18041

The training will be provided free of charge in the form of online seminars by personalities from various backgrounds who have both theoretical and practical mastery of the topics covered. Written materials, audiovisual presentations, WhatsApp forums and a final reunion session will complete the learning device.

Registrations are open from October 1 and training begins on October 26 for a period of approximately twelve weeks.

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