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Haiti – FLASH : Call for contributions to the first ULCC journal on corruption


Haiti – FLASH : Call for contributions to the first ULCC journal on corruption

26/10/2020 10:08:17

The Anti-Corruption Unit (ULCC) in its mission to educate and sensitize the population on the issue of corruption, announces the upcoming launch of the first ULCC journal called “Transparence” (Transparency).

The ULCC sees in the production of this quality scientific journal (published twice a year) a means of achieving this by reporting and disseminating experiences, programs, interventions, activities of a scientific nature as well as good practices relating to good governance and the fight against corruption.

This journal will be carried out jointly with external and internal contributors. Anyone who is interested in publishing an article, any document or sharing knowledge related to one of the premiere themes is welcome. The same goes for the employees of the Institution who would like to publish an article or a document relating to the state of corruption and the fight for its eradication both in Haiti and abroad.

Themes of the first edition of the journal “Transparence” :

Limit of articles 2,500 to 3,500 words

A.- General aspects of the fight against corruption

Articles dealing with corruption in various business sectors such as: education, health, sport, finance and public administration, media, and others;

B.- Legal framework for the fight against corruption

The law of 12 March 2014 on the prevention and repression of corruption will be analyzed in all its facets. Contributions may also include an analysis of case law on the criminalization of acts of corruption both nationally and internationally.

Beyond the legal framework, specific articles concerning the implementation of the fight against corruption are also expected. These articles will cover, as an indication and not exhaustive:

1. Survey and investigation techniques;

2. The usefulness of complaints and denunciations;

3. The audit system;

4. The anti-corruption intelligence system;

C.- Assets

An article will also be dedicated to Assets and its control, in particular monitoring the development of the heritage of public officials;

D.- International fight against corruption

An article will be devoted to the international news of the battle against corruption taking into account the application of anti-corruption conventions signed and ratified by Haiti.

The ULCC plans to publish two issues per year, starting December 9, 2020 (World Anti-Corruption Day).

For any questions or information : 2811-0661 / 2816-7071.

A preliminary version will be printed no later than November 9, 2020. In this perspective, interested parties are invited to send their contributions which will be reviewed until November 9, 2020, by a reading and correction committee, which will be received via the following email address: info@ulcc.gouv.ht.

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