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Haiti – FLASH : Appointment of CEP members and mandate


Haiti – FLASH : Appointment of CEP members and mandate

19/09/2020 08:32:00

Friday, September 18 was published in Le Moniteur #151, the Order appointing the members of the new Provisional Electoral Council and setting its mandate. An Order which confirms the statements of Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe on Wednesday September 16 on a radio station of the capital, which announced that the sectors of civil society had appointed their representatives to the new CEP responsible for organizing the next elections https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-31825-haiti-news-zapping.html

Extract from the Order :


Article 1.- The following citizens are appointed as members of the Provisional Electoral Council :

1.- Mr. Louis Arlext Noël, Representative of the Handicapped Sector;

2.- Mrs. Nadia Jules Amédée, Representative of the Farmer / Cooperative sectors;

3.- Ms. Guylande Mésadieu, Representative of the Human Rights Sector;

4.- Mr. Antonio Détil, Representative of the Youth sector;

5.- Mr. Patrick Numa, Representative of the Union sector;

6.- Madame Espérancia César, Representative of the Diaspora

7.- Madame Josette Massillon, Representative of Women’s Organizations;

8.- Reverend Guy Romélus, Representative of Reformed Cults;

9.- Madame Marie Rosemène Joseph Pierre, Representative of the Voodoo cult.

Article 2.- The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) appointed by this Decree has the following mandate :

1.- To organize the constitutional referendum in order to endow the country with a new Constitution;

2.- To organize local, municipal, legislative and presidential elections ;

3.- To organize the elections for all other vacant positions or which could become vacant pending the re-establishment of the Permanent Electoral Council.


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