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Haiti – Education : The teachers’ union platform denounces «bogus» State exams


Haiti – Education : The teachers’ union platform denounces «bogus» State exams

30/09/2020 09:50:25

In a protest note, the platform of teachers’ unions (UNNOEH, CNEH, UNNOH, GIEL, LINEH, REEH, ANNIH) draws the attention of the population “to the harmful consequences” of the decisions of the Ministry of National Education (MENFP) relating to the functioning of schools in the context of the socio-political and health crisis.

The union platform “denounces with the utmost rigor the Ministry’s plan to organize a minimum tailor-made examination after the total failure of the implementation of a minimalist and unrealistic school calendar of 50 school days. “The platform believes that the first condition of validity of an evaluation requires that it follow a teaching process and affirms” This decision of the MENFP which has no other purpose than to facilitate the satisfaction of the petty interests of a small group of privileged people in the system is a psychological and educational disaster for the category of the most deprived students.”

In addition, the platform denounces “mockery aimed at organizing remedial sessions for students who will undergo the official tests without learning, while nothing is done to meet the demands of teachers. While insecurity is raging causing the total stoppage of school activities in certain areas […] the State is accelerating schemes to carry out an exam that will continue to degrade the value of our Haitian diplomas.”

Faced with “this threat of downgrading diplomas” the Platform of Teachers’ Unions is sounding the alarm against the “minimum skills” program which condemns children “to receive a minimum education for a minimum degree in a minimum school. “

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