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Haiti – Economy : At MHAVE one spoken of diaspora investments in the country


Haiti – Economy : At MHAVE one spoken of diaspora investments in the country

06/11/2020 10:05:41

Thursday, November 5, at the invitation of Louis Edner Gonzague Day, Minister of Haitians Living Abroad (MHAVE), a first meeting was held to make contact, with a view to forming a Committee that will be responsible for the development of a document entitled “Strategy for attracting diaspora investments in Haiti”.

This Committee will be composed of representatives of various Ministries essential to the design of this document (Commerce, Agriculture Tourism and Economy) whose representatives were present

To begin this series of exchanges, the Minister of MAHVE explained the importance of such a meeting aimed at providing his Ministry with a strategy that could facilitate and guarantee the investments of the Haitian diaspora in the mother country, stressing that the agricultural sector will be prioritized given the country’s food dependence.

The participants who took part in this first session advised Minister Day to develop a legal framework to protect the investments of the Haitian Diaspora. In addition, these Ministries agree on support for MHAVE throughout the investment process of the Diaspora in order to identify areas of funding or investment and then secure these areas to prevent them from being the object of expropriation.

The participants also wanted the Diaspora to be invited to participate in the entire value chain (production, transformation, distribution) which will be introduced in this project by Minister Day in a “Diaspora investment book” which should be finalized at short notice in order to offer the Diaspora an investment alternative with all the required conditions of the sector they have chosen.

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